8 ways to give back during the holidays

8 ways to give back during the holidays

And giving as a family can be especially rewarding during the holiday season — when the spirit of community and generosity is in the air.

So whether giving back is already a family tradition or you want to start something new, pull your loved ones together and do something special for others — opportunities to lend a helping hand are plentiful.

Figuring it out together — deciding where to focus efforts

How do you start? Bring everyone together to brainstorm ideas — it can bring energy and excitement to your family’s giving back plans.

Be sure to give every family member an opportunity to express their ideas on:

  • The value of giving back
  • What they’d like to focus on
  • Charitable activities they’re interested in
  • Types of donations the family could make

You can explore whether your family prefers to give back in your local community — or expand into another area within the United States, or even around the world. This discussion alone can bring a common purpose to your family’s charitable efforts.

11 Dec, 19