Are my funds still safe and secure?

Yes, your funds remain secure. All TruEnergy Federal Credit Union accounts continue to be insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Share Insurance Fund up to $250,000 per account. In addition, American Share Insurance (ASI) provides excess savings insurance with an additional $250,000 at no cost to members.

Will I be able to use my debit card and credit card?

Yes, members will still be able to use their debit or credit cards for withdrawals and transactions at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals as usual. If you experience any issues, please contact our Call Center at 703-750-4394. Visa and debit card 24-hour support can also be contacted through our main number.

Will online banking change after the conversion?

Your user ID and password will remain the same, but you will be prompted to change your security questions. For those members that have our Online Banking website bookmarked, the bookmark will no longer be valid. Please visit our website to access Online Banking and bookmark the new URL.

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